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ATTENTION St. Clair River Drifters

Hi Divers, Dave C has brought to my attention that river conditions due to a continued NE wind have dropped visibility dramatically (4′-6′) while increasing speed and flow to the point where it will be an on-the-spot call at 9am as to whether he dives or not. Weather does not forecast a change, but this is Michigan and we are hopeful.
PLAN B: I just talked with Bob at Scuba North and he says they have 68* down to 30′-40′ and 30′-40′ of vis. With a NE wind he suggests Bowers Harbor on the west of Mission Peninsula for shallow or deep, or drifting the Boardman River from Union St to the mouth and out at the Holiday Inn parking lot.
Call me,
Thanks, Mike ADZ
Plan C:
Join me at Baptist.