Types of Classes

We offer a wide range of classes to fit all people and their schedules, whether you just want to look into diving and discover what it’s like, or you’re an experienced diver who wants to expand or tune-up your skills. Academics can be done traditionally in the shop or many are offered online with the pool, lake, and testing sessions done through the American Dive Zone.

Here are a few of the classes we offer:

discover-scuba-grand-rapidsDiscover Scuba gives you the chance to see what scuba diving is all about. You are allowed to dive in a pool with supervision to see if you enjoy diving. This experience is usually done during Open Water Pool sessions. Call (616) 949-9577 for dates and times.

Scuba Tune-Up

Here is chance to hop in the pool or lake and refresh those skills you worked so hard to master. This is great for before that next trip or coming into a new season. Water time is required, but many chose to work the academic skills also. This can be done with the Scuba Tune-Up Manual or even online. The pool time is generally in conjunction with the Open Water pool schedule.

Open Water Diver

This is the entry-level course that will prepare you for a lifetime of diving. Full certification consists of academic time and pool sessions followed by 4 Open Water dives.

We conduct several Open Water classes monthly. There is a 2 week/ 3 evening per week class which is M/T/W 6-9pm and a Saturday/Sunday 8am-5pm week-end class for those with busy schedules. If these times don’t work private sessions can be arranged or you may do the academics online.

The Open Water dives include 4 dives at the lake generally over a week-end. Your dive gear rental and certification card with picture are part of this package. You are required to provide mask and snorkel in the pool and add fins when we do the Open Water lake dives.

If you elect to do all your training here you may start class any season and do your dives spring, summer, or fall. You can also sign up for one of our trips and do your dives with us then or take your paperwork on your vacation destination of choice for your dives. You have 1 year to complete class.

*Other schedules and Private classes are available.
*Mask and snorkel required.
*Class manuals required



Open Water Referral

This class is the base part of the Open Water class. You will complete all the required classroom and pool time, with the exception of the Open Water check out dives which would be completed at a different locale. (On a vacation!?!) You will have signed off log books and referral letters ready for the next step.

*Other schedules and Private classes are available.
*Mask and snorkel required.
*Class manuals required

PADI Emergency First Response

PADI’s version of CPR & First Aid. It can be a Life Saver!
Don’t go another day without it!
Can be taken by anyone.

*Manual Required

Advanced Open Water

This PADI Advanced Diving program provides divers with a structured means to explore special diving interests and gain dive experience. Advanced Open Water diver is often the first step novice divers take after their initial certification. The program allows students to customize their training path and learn various underwater tasks that broaden their awareness of the environment and their capabilities as divers. A diver who completes the Deep Dive, the Underwater Navigation dive and three additional specialty dives earns the Advanced Open Water certification. Simply sign up for this class and we will do the dives on weekends at the lake or on our trips. You may also study for this On-line and complete the study portion and reviews there and the dives with the American Dive Zone.

Class price includes study in the classroom or on site, 5 guided dives, air, certification card, and a lot of fun.
*Manuals required
*Dive gear NOT provided (Rental available)
*Air provided



Rescue Diver

The PADI Rescue Diver course is an important and crucial step in expanding a diver’s knowledge and experience beyond a purely recreational level. Rescue Divers learn to look beyond themselves to consider the safety and well being of other divers. Many have considered this the best class for improving their own skills.

Rescue Diver training readies student divers to prevent problems and, if necessary, manage dive emergencies using a variety of techniques. You can now take this class in the shop or On-line for the academics and complete the Water Skills portion through the American Dive Zone.

*Price includes class, dives, air, and certification card.
*Does NOT Included Gear Use, Rental Available
*CPR/First Aid is a requirement of this level. We teach it or other classes may substitute.




Master Scuba Diver

Complete Rescue diving, tally up 5 specialties and then you can apply for this prestigious rank denoting the highest level of Recreational diving.

Enriched Air/Nitrox

This class will enhance your diving by giving you additional bottom time to enjoy the dive and …..some say…..feel better when you’re done. Maybe that’s why they call it Geezer Gas!?!

This class can be done in one long night, as a weekend class, or On-Line. No dives are required.

*Manual & Charts Required for shop based class



Seal Team

The FUN begins when you join the Team!! This program is for kids ages 8 –12.

During the winter months new Seal Teams will form and begin their basic scuba diving skills along with underwater fun and games. Complete 5 Aqua missions during the 2 pool sessions and become a member of the PADI Seal Team.

Price includes all dive equipment needed, 2 pool visits, and 1 classroom session.

Dive Master

The PADI Divemaster course is the first step into Professional status as a diver. You build upon what you have already learned to date and add to your academic, swimming, and diving capabilities. It is a hands-on course that involves class time, class monitoring, home study, stamina training, pool and lake work under the direction of an Instructor.

Price includes class, pool, pool fees, dives, and air.
*Manuals, Workbooks, Charts, Cue cards, etc. NOT included
*Dive Gear NOT Provided (Rental Available)
*Dive Fees and Dues NOT Included

Dive Theory Online

This online class is for anyone wanting that next level of understanding of the physics and physiology of diving. Great for DiveMaster and Instructor Candidates.

IANTD Deep Diver

This course trains divers in the theory, planning, skills, and performance of decompression dives. All dives are within 130′ depth limits for training and done using a single gas mix, generally Nitrox. High emphasis is placed on equipment set-up, buoyancy, ascent rates, and planning skills. Problem solving both in and out of the water is stressed. This is the initial class that the advanced classes build upon.

*Price includes class and 4-6 dives, air, and certification card.
*Manuals Required
*Gear use NOT Included
*Redundant Air Systems, Lift Bags & reels, etc. Required
*Boat & Dive Fees NOT Included


This class carries your nitrox and decompression skills to the next level. You will be trained to use 2 different gas mixtures on the same dive of up to 50% Nitrox for accelerated decompression for those deeper, longer dives.

Price includes class and 2-4 dives, air, and certification card.

IANTD Advanced Recreational TRIMIX

This course enables you to dive deeper, avoid the problems of Nitrogen Narcosis, and actually shorten decompression times compared to Air/Nitrox mixes Learn to dive at 160′ with the same Narcosis level of 80′ on Air.

Price includes class and 2 dives, air, and certification card.

IANTD Advanced Nitrox & Advanced Recreational Trimix is generally taught together as TEK-LITE, but may be taught separately.

PADI Specialties:

  • BOAT
  • DEEP
  • ICE

Call (616) 949-9577 or email for more information.