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The following is a note from the GR Scuba Club asking for participation but even more so is NEW IDEAS on how to Plan & Run the picnics. Mike@adz

Hello divers,

Thanks to everyone that came out for the Holiday Party. And a special thanks to Jason Bradley for allowing us access to the Rockford Community Cabin. Although the group was a little smaller than in the past, a good time was had by all.

If you were unable to make the party, we announced that three of our current board members are unable to continue serving for much longer, so we need 2-3 new members to step up and join the board. Being a board member does not mean a huge commitment, or a huge amount of time, but it will insure that the club continues. The three remaining board members have been serving for several years, and are willing to continue, but frankly, we are out of ideas to hold your interest. We are in desperate need of new and fresh ideas, and people to participate in activities. If we cannot get any members to join the board, it is very likely that we will close up shop at the end of the upcoming dive season. We certainly hope that does not happen, but we are not willing to invest our time if you are no longer interested.

If you are interested in joining the board, or have any questions, you can email us back or talk to us at the next dry dive on Monday, February 6. Thank you for your consideration.

GRSC Board of Directors