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Lady Elgin Shipwreck publication

Hi Divers,

     A little note from our one of our local authors. He has been diving a long time has realizes the more often you dive, the safer you are.


    If of
interest, I’ve published another article in the latest edition of
Great Lakes
 (Vol.10 (6) p.1) on our “close
encounter” and dive on the Shipwreck of the
Lady Elgin. It illustrates how things can suddenly go badly wrong sometimes,
but ultimately good luck was with us that day. 

    You can find the Pilot at many
locations in Grand Rapids (Meijer Gas Stations), Northern Michigan, the UP and

    By some accounts, 2014 was a bad year for Great Lakes Diving
accidents and fatalities but Scuba diving is a safe sport despite some close
calls I’ve had (one group fatality, see Diving the Straits, 
) and if you stay within your training and equipment

    This article will be online in the Pilot archives at the above link
in the future.

Ken Fagerman