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Picnic Alert

Hi Divers, This Saturday, May 28, from 12-4pm is our first picnic of the year at Baptist Lake. I have been out this week and temps are already in the low 60s already with 20′-25′ of Vis. I am happy to report that our Pavlovian Bluegill remember the dinner bell and we fed small ones at the sand/weed line and half a dozen or more big ones came to the platform to feed. There have been some boats and lines shifted so you have new routes to explore. Our MI Dives Guide to Great Michigan Shore Dives are in and they look great. There are almost 30 Great Lakes Shore Dives listed in there, many with info on local grub & lodging. On the back is how to enter your dives in our GL Shore Dive Contest. Syndell Parks of GenPass with CMU will give a short presentation on Michigan’s Invasive Specie Problem and what we can do as divers to help stop the spread. How about a trade? You bring some treats for the table and I’ll parcel out some give-aways PADI, the suppliers & ADZ are donating. I’ll have a list of the Few Boat Charter & Vacation spots we have left. Thanks,Mike