Grenada – The Spice Island March 3-10, 2018



True Blue Bay Resort

Tired of the same old dive resorts and vacation spots? We have picked somewhere new to most of us, but comes highly recommended by those few people that have been there.

Grenada is the south end of the Caribbean. The island isn’t big, just 30 miles long but with more small mountains than most of the Caribbean with cocoa, cloves and many other spices growing wild and on farms. You will see the typical Caribbean critters in the water and more with the influence of South American rivers; macro photography is great here.

Of interest to some is the Bianca C; a 600’ Italian cruise liner that burned and sank upright in 1961. The top is accessible at 90’ for recreational diving and my agent says they can split the dive by dropping divers both on the shallow and deep side of this reef/wreck combo.

Many water activities, live music some nights, Great food, shuttles to town & Grand Anse beach, and that laid back Calypso beat; what more could you possibly want?

The resort is set for Tec divers with several sets of doubles and Side mount systems and they have offered a Tec charter to the Bianca C if there are enough divers interested.


  • 7 nights std room at True Blue
  • 5 days of 2-tank diving
  • Free Nitrox
  • 3 meals a Day
  • Drinks including sodas, smoothies & alcohol


  • Airfare
  • Marine Park fees

Diver              $2149/ dbl occ
Non Diver      $1628/ dbl occ
Single Diver   $3110

Check out the Aquanauts website for more information about this great dive trip to Grenada!

Click here to download the extensive FAQ from Aquanauts and True Blue Resort for answers to all your questions.

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