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River Drift Diving

Hi Divers!! Make September memorable with a Drift Dive of the St.
Clair River in Port Huron!
Work on PADI Drift Diving or just have a blast
experiencing this unique river drift dive.

We will dive twice Saturday starting about 11am and at
least once on Sunday with our guides, Dave & Doug Chidester, who grew up diving this

Anyone with moderate dive skills should have no problem with these dives. Entry
is a Giant Stride from the sea wall and the exit
is climbing up the ladders after removing some gear in a spot out of the
current. We will provide help with gear at the exits in the form of baskets for
fins, weights, etc. and tag lines to help you to the ladder. We will have a
picnic lunch riverside at some time during the early afternoon.
There will be a meeting at the
shop Tuesday, Sept. 22, from 6:30-8pm
where Dave and I will lay out the details of diving the river with our start
and exit points along with landmarks for spotting your location.
Just two dives and some academic info is all that
is needed for PADI DRIFT DIVER.
To see a video clip from last year:
PADI DRIFT DIVER SPECIALTY $69 – Includes 2 Air Fills
Meeting & Guide Fees w/o Specialty $25
Days Inn Quality Inn Best Western Double Tree-Hilton Baymont Inn & SuitesLot’s of local choices with a wide price spread
Dive Inn Watersports at 207 Water St is open until 3pm on Saturday and has air fills. (810) 987-6263