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Saturday River Dive

>Hi Divers!! The St Clare River weekend is upon us again! Last year the ADZ group had a ball doing the fast drifts of the river. This year Dave Chidester is returning as our ‘local’ guide as he grew up there and is now a PADI Instructor and can work with you towards PADI Drift Specialty. PADI has changed the dive requirements to only two dives which may be done in one day plus some bookwork. For this weekend $69 and the PADI Drift book gets the PADI specialty, a great step towards Master Diver. ADZ will provide some ‘finger’ food and hope you bring some of your favorite snacks to share. The following is some info from Dave…..
> I am proposing that we meet at 9AM at Pine Grove Park, this will get us
> started a little earlier than last year and should be helpful for those
> doing this as a day trip. We also are sharing our exit point with the Beer
> Festival people once again this year, the beer fest starts at 1:00PM so
> getting done slightly before they start will be helpful as well.
> Because of these facts I am also proposing that we do dive one, regroup at
> Pine Grove Park for lite snack and beverages, then we get dive two underway
> once we decide on where to get in.
> Options:
> Day trip – two morning dives and hit the road – or two morning dives, lunch
> break, third dive early afternoon. A three dive day plus travel would make
> for a very long day but that is up to you folks making the drive.
> Sunday – for those who are staying the night lets meet in the morning say
> 8:00AM for a morning dive. Meet at the Nav Marker – if you don’t know where
> this is by Saturday you will!!
> Anyone interested in Drift Specialty needs to complete two dives and finish
> the knowledge reviews in the drift diver book, well and pay for
> processing/training fee. ( I don’t know what the cost is but I am sure Mike
> will help us) ADZ has the books, I can run the dives.
> If you are bringing a ‘new’ river diver and you have done this dive before
> you will be diving with the ‘new’ diver you bring – I am making the
> assumption that you will be bringing a friend and your friend will be more
> comfortable with you – hopefully this makes sense.
> If you have questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to send a reply.
> Dave Chidester

pdf icon River-Dive-Brief-2016.pdf