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Christmas Open House & Black Friday

Hi Divers!! The Holidays are upon us and we are having our Annual Christmas Open House Saturday, Dec 5, from 11-4pm. The Oceanic rep, Keith Martin will be here to help answer any questions on the Oceanic, Hollis, & LavaCore lines. I will be quoting deals on Gas Operating Devices that can not be advertised out of the shop, they are that low. Just think of it as reallocating your normal gasoline budget to other gas operated devices. Heck, I’ll even write deals on training packages; just let me know your Diving Desires. There will also be prizes and new trips announced. I have attached a Christmas Wish List for you to fill out and leave in a conspicuous place for all to see. This Friday & Saturday I will be in the shop with my trusty dive knife, whittling down prices. Stop in and see me, you might be surprised at the deals; they don’t all come from a big warehouse somewhere else.