Discover Diving

discover-scuba-grand-rapidsHaven’t you ever wondered why all the fuss about Scuba Diving? Why all the people you know that dive are always talking about where they went on that last trip, how the dives were different from some other place, what critters they’ve seen, and Who’s on the next trip!?! It’s because they’re having fun!!

Whether it’s a shallow, warm Caribbean dive with colorful fish and stunning visibility, a 150 year old wreck up at Mackinac with its history and cooler water, or the local lake on Saturday morning, it can all be fun. Heck, half of the fun is planning the next outing or trip with your dive buddies.

Discover Scuba gives you the chance to see what diving is all about. After some paperwork (as usual) you will go thru a flipchart with an Instructor and learn some of the do’s & don’ts of diving. This isn’t a full class, just enough to allow you to safely dive in a pool with supervision to see if you enjoy it. When you are done with the Discover Session you will be able to go on to an Open Water Class with confidence! Discover Scuba Students will be offered deals for timely sign-up into class.

This experience is commonly done by appointment certain Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons, usually alongside Open Water Pool sessions. We always provide all equipment necessary, but if you have your own mask, snorkel, wetsuit, etc. then feel free to bring them. Otherwise, you will need just your swimsuit, towel, lock for the locker, and sense of adventure.

Ask your friends to join you and phone us at (616) 949-9577 for your Discover Session and the start of the good times.